Why won't my garage door close?

Most garage door openers have a few safeguards that prevent damage to people and property. If one of them is triggered or malfunctioning, the door will not close. Please give us a call to assist you over the phone and to help recognize whether or not a sending one of our trained technicians out would be helpful.

Why won't my garage door open?

If your door will not open, first check that there is not a problem with your garage door openers. If it seems to be in working order, then there is a chance you have a broken spring.
Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and it needs maintenance. Occasionally, the parts wear out and need replacement. A broken spring can stop a door in its tracks. Give us a call, and we can help figure out if you need a battery in your remote, a new operating system or a spring replacement.

How Much does a new Garage Door cost?

Depending on the size, model and design of your door, and the large selection of doors we offer, a new garage door can cost anywhere between $799- $10,000. We are also one of the very few companies in the United States who can custom design a door in which your imagination is your only limitation.

Should I fix my Garage Door or replace it?

There are many factors that go into making this decision. We have had customers that were convinced they were going to have to repair their door, but after a visit from our trusted techs, they were able to troubleshoot the problem and offer a variety of solutions, ranging from fix for now, fix for good, or replace. As a company policy we are a no hassle sales team.
If your steel garage door has creases or cracks down the center, it is time for a new door. But if it looks good on the outside, it can probably be fixed. Either way, we would love to hear from you!

Why should I buy an insulated door?

The living spaces adjacent to the garage will be easier to heat if the garage door has an excellent thermal barrier, in conjunction with insulated walls. If your walls are not insulated, or if this is not an attached garage, then a high-quality non-insulated door could be a good choice. There are significant differences between quality non-insulated doors and economy non-insulated doors. Ask one of our sales reps which door is best for you.

What is the best kind of opener?

A better question is, what is the best kind of opener for me. A belt drive opener is more gentle on the other components, and offers a smooth quiet operation. If the garage is detached and noise is not an issue, a chain drive might be what you are looking for. There are also some high-end options such as direct drive and wall-mounted units. We highly recommend LiftMaster brands based upon the quality of product they produce as well as the warranties they offer. All of our technicians are LiftMaster Safety Certified.

Windows or No Windows?

This is solely dependent upon personal choice, and what type of aesthetics a door with windows can add to the front of your home. Windows in doors can significantly increase the price of your door.

Why is my opener running by my door isn't moving?

This is a common question we run into all of the time. There are two answers, first, if your chain is hanging excessively low you most likely have a broken gear and sprocket that needs to be replaced. If everything looks normal, and you can see the chain/belt moving, but not engaging the door, then the problem is usually the emergency release has been pulled and locked open. To disengage the lock feature, simply pull the emergency release (red and white) rope towards the garage door and listen for a click, once you hear the click manually lift the door until it engages back onto the carriage.

Can I make my door taller or wider?

Yes You Can! With 12+ years of Framing and Construction experience, we pride ourselves in being able to do things that other garage door companies can't or won't. We have raised and extended numerous doors across the front range with excellent results. We Love adding these special projects to our portfolio, and pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship from the first pulled nail to the last tightened screw. Call Us Today and let us know what you're thinking. Big or Small, We Can Do It All!

Can I replace a single panel on my garage door?

The Short answer is absolutely. The longer answer is possibly. It depends on the make, model and year of your door, some doors, such as the R2000 (presswood with wooden stiles and a thin metal frame) have been discontinued and are impossible to find replacement panels for.

How long should my garage door springs last?

Most garage door springs have a 10,000 cycle life span, with typical use, (1 open and close in the morning, and 1 in the evening) your springs should last anywhere between 7-12 years. The more you use your door, the smaller that number gets.

How can I tell if my springs are going bad?

There are a couple tell tale signs that your garage door springs are wearing out. If your opener seems to be struggling to lift the door, or if you notice a black/gray/black pattern on them, they are showing signs of wear and should be replaced. A sure way to test them, is to give your door the balance test. With the garage door closed, release and lock the emergency release rope (by pulling down, or down and back away from the door on liftmaster models). The door should remain on the floor without lifting. Next lift the door by hand to the halfway position, the door should be able to stay in that position without holding it up, if it does, open the door all the way, it should also be able to remain fully open without assistance. If it passes all three phases then your door is balanced and your springs are still in good shape. If it fails any of these, call us right away and we will expedite you, as an unbalanced door poses a danger to you and your family.

Why is my door so loud?

Chances are, if your door is loud and shaky, your rollers are going bad. We are constantly offering roller replacement and tune up specials throughout the year. We can make even the oldest and noisiest doors sound like new, it's what we do.