Why won't my garage door close?

Most garage door openers have a few safeguards that prevent damage to people and property. If one of them is triggered or malfunctioning, the door will not close. Please give us a call to assist you over the phone and to help recognize whether or not a sending one of our trained technicians out would be helpful

Why won't my garage door open?

If your door will not open, first check that there is not a problem with your garage door openers. If it seems to be in working order, then there is a chance you have a broken spring.
Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and it needs maintenance. Occasionally, the parts wear out and need replacement. A broken spring can stop a door in its tracks. Give us a call, and we can help figure out if you just need a battery in your remote, or if a professional repair would be best

How Much does a new Garage Door cost?

Depending on the size, model and design of you door, a new garage door can cost anywhere between $799 ranging all the way up to $10,000. We are also able to custom design a door in which your imagination is your only limitation.

Should I fix my Garage Door or replace it?

With good maintenance, some garage doors last over 50 years, and other garage doors seem designed to fail in about seven years. For wood doors, those made over 40 years ago can still be good and serviceable, though sometimes extensive overhauls are helpful.

Newer wood doors often use weaker woods that do not last as long. Steel is the most common garage door material, and they can last a long time if made and installed with quality in mind.

If your steel garage door has creases or cracks down the center, it is time for a new door. But if it looks good on the outside, it can probably be fixed. Either way, we would love to hear from you!

Why should I buy an insulated door?

The living spaces adjacent to the garage will be easier to heat if the garage door has an excellent thermal barrier, in conjunction with insulated walls. If your walls are not insulated, or if this is not an attached garage, then a high-quality non-insulated door should be a good choice. There are significant differences between quality non-insulated doors and economy non-insulated doors.

What is the best kind of opener?

In most cases, a belt driven garage door opener is better than a chain-driven garage door opener. A belt is more gentle on the other components, and the warranties are usually better for openers with belt drives. A quieter operation is a benefit as well. There are also some high-end options such as direct drive and wall-mounted units. We also highly recommend LiftMaster brands, as we here at Spencer Brothers are LiftMaster Safety Certified

Windows or No Windows?

Most garage doors do not have windows. However, most "nice" garage doors that get noticed have windows. If your garage does not have adequate light, then adding windows to the garage door can give you the benefit of free lighting. Windows typically add between $300 and $1000 to the price of a new door, and there are many styles available. Broken windows are an infrequent problem.