Don't Put Your Life In Danger-Call the Experts for Garage Door Spring Repair

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While broken springs are the most common ailment garage doors face, it's important to remember that replacing the springs is extremely dangerous. These springs retain enough tension to hold up the full weight of your garage door-when they are improperly unloaded, they can cause grievous injury or death. Unless you're a trained professional, you should never attempt to replace garage door springs on your own.

Don't risk your safety-call the experienced technicians at Spencer Brothers Garage Doors. We always keep the correct tools and a variety of standard springs in stock on our trucks. We are aware of the risks and have been trained to handle spring replacement in a variety of scenarios.

We place a 5-year warranty on all of our spring installations and offer same day service. Call Spencer Brothers Garage Doors to immediately receive a free estimate.

Broken Garage Door Springs Are One of Our Most Common Calls

The amount of energy held by the springs contains enough force to hold up the weight of your garage door. Extreme caution must be used when changing out garage door springs.

Our techs are highly trained and carry all of the proper tools and all sizes of standard springs on our trucks for your garage door repair.

Most standard springs have a 10,000 cycle life span, once this limit is reached they can either break, or they become so loose that your cables can slip off of your drums. When this happens your cable will wrap around the torsion tube as you door closes, causing it to close unevenly. Your door may fall out of the track at this point depending on how the cable wraps.

Remember Garage Doors are very heavy objects that can cause injury and or death if they fall. Please call a professional before making any adjustments to your door